Clinical Training

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Clinical training for music therapy students at the Frost School of Music exceeds the national standards. Students complete five practicum (clinical training or fieldwork) experiences, each one semester in length, beginning in the second semester of the sophomore year. The final practicum experience includes a capstone senior project presentation, which represents the culmination and integration of skills and knowledge learned during the student’s education and clinical training.

The five practicum courses provide students with:

  • Incremental development of clinical skills over each semester
  • Clinical experience with individuals across the lifespan and with different neurological, developmental, and medical diagnoses and conditions
  • Weekly on-site supervision from board-certified music therapists in the Miami area
  • Weekly academic supervision from Frost music therapy faculty and graduate teaching assistants
  • Experience in a variety of clinical sites, including the many world-famous hospitals of the Miller School of Medicine and the Jackson Health System

Clinical Training Sites and Clientele

Students fulfill practicum requirements within many facilities in the Miami area, such as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, United Community Options, Miami VA Medical Center, Miami Seasons Hospice, Jackson Behavioral Health, and the world-famous Miller School of Medicine, home to Sylvester Cancer Center and the Debbie School. Click below for a complete listing of clinical training sites and populations.